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Maintenance Wash  

Maintenance wash vehicles which are already in good condition,

but need to be refreshed between full details.

(Recommended weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.)


Includes the following:


  • Hand wash 

  • Dry using air and quality microfiber towels

  • Wheel cleaning

  • Tires cleaned and dressing

  • Interior vacuum and quick wipe down

  • UV protection on dash

  • Window cleaning inside and out

  • Spray Wax

  • Air Freshener. (Upon Request)


Pricing starts at:


  • $65+ 2-door car 

  • $75+ Sedans/Wagons 

  • $85+ Trucks and Small SUV 

  • $95+ Vans/Lg. Trucks/Lg. SUV


 The process takes about 1 hour.

**Large vehicles and vehicle condition may be subject to additional fees.** 

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