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B Wrights Detailing: Your Trusted Car Detailer in Gastonia, NC

When it comes to keeping your car in pristine condition, you need a reliable and professional car detailer in Gastonia, NC. Look no further than B Wrights Detailing. We are a premier auto detailing service that offers a wide range of services to cater to all your car care needs. From paint protection film and paint correction to ceramic coating, window tinting, and mobile detailing, we are your one-stop solution for enhancing and preserving the beauty of your vehicle.

Auto Detailing Services Gastonia Can Rely On:

At B Wrights Detailing, we take great pride in our comprehensive auto detailing services. Our team of skilled and experienced technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch services that leave your vehicle looking showroom-ready. Whether you need a basic exterior wash or a complete interior and exterior makeover, we have you covered.

Paint Protection Film:

Protecting your car's paint from scratches, chips, and other damages is essential for maintaining its value. Our expert team at B Wrights Detailing offers premium paint protection film installation. With our advanced film technology, your vehicle's exterior will be shielded from the hazards of the road while maintaining its glossy finish.

Paint Correction:

Over time, your car's paint can become dull, faded, or marred by swirl marks and scratches. Our professional paint correction services can bring back the shine and luster to your vehicle's paintwork. Our skilled technicians use cutting-edge techniques and high-quality products to eliminate imperfections and restore your car's paint to its original brilliance.

Ceramic Coating:

For long-lasting protection and an incredible gloss, B Wrights Detailing offers ceramic coating services. Our ceramic coatings create a protective layer on your car's surface that is resistant to UV rays, chemicals, dirt, and other contaminants. This ensures that your vehicle stays cleaner for longer and is easier to maintain.

Window Tinting:

Enhance your driving experience and protect your car's interior from harmful UV rays with our professional window tinting services. Our expert technicians will apply high-quality window films that not only reduce glare and heat but also provide privacy and style.

Mobile Detailing:

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer convenient mobile detailing services. Our team can come to your desired location in Gastonia, NC, equipped with all the necessary tools and products to give your car a thorough cleaning and detailing, right at your doorstep.

Customer Satisfaction and Affordable Packages:

At B Wrights Detailing, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with every service we provide. Our car detailing packages in Gastonia are designed to accommodate various budgets and needs, ensuring that you find the perfect package for your vehicle.

Reviews of Car Detailers in Gastonia:

Don't just take our word for it; our satisfied customers speak for us. We have received rave reviews for our attention to detail, professionalism, and exceptional results. Join the growing list of happy customers who have experienced the excellence of B Wrights Detailing.


When it comes to auto detailing services in Gastonia, NC, B Wrights Detailing stands out as the top choice. With a wide range of services, including paint protection film, paint correction, ceramic coating, window tinting, and mobile detailing, we have the expertise and dedication to bring out the best in your vehicle. Contact us today to experience the highest level of professional car detailing near you.


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